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empaquetado de frutas y verduras ecológicas

Packaging Formats and presentation

We work with specialized wholesalers developing products packaged in potentially recyclable material.
We believe in a world without residues and we offer many products loose packed, for responsible sellers in minimizing plastics and waste on the planet.

Caja pimientos ecológicos granel

Flow-pack mix pepper



caja pimientos tricolor bandera

Mix pepper

5kg. Reducing the volume of plastic on mixed colors packaging.

caja calabacin 5kg

Dutch cucumber

12 units by 300gr+ each

pack 2 berenjenas flow pack

Aubergine pack 2 units

500g and 750gr punnets

caja berenjenas 6x500gr


6*500gr punnets

caja de calabacín ecológico 9 kg

Courgette Box

Wood box 9kg

Cardboard 5kg

Peppers Loose

Box 5 kg

5kg box-tray

berenjenas a granel

Aubergine Box

Eggplant box 5 kg. tray

Eggplant box in bulk 5 kg. trunk